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[Net2 Toronto] Social media week (now!) + Datafest

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2 things you should know about: Social Media Week and Datafest.

Social media week Toronto is on now! There are a variety of events, loosely tied together, on topics related to social media (not just social good/nonprofits, though there are sessions on that too). Some of the events are already full but many are also still open.

Find out more: http://socialmediaweek.org/toronto/

[Net2 Toronto] Engaging Your Email List And Measuring Results

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This post was originally published on TechSoup Canada and is written by Kristen Scott.

Your nonprofit’s email newsletter is one of the most important and direct methods of communication you have with your supporters. But how much time do you spend thinking about how to create a really great newsletter experience for your readers?

Social media measurement: where to get started?

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So you have a Facebook page, a Twitter profile, a blog, an Instagram stream, and a Pinterest pinboard - but have you ever wondered if all of your fans, followers and re-pinners are actually connecting to your cause? Measuring success in social media is a hotly debated topic within the non-profit technology world and big questions persist:

  • Why measure social media?
  • What are my goals?
  • How do I measure?
  • What tools should I use?

These questions, and others, were explored during July’s Net Tuesday event, Social Media Measurement, presented by Tierney Smith, Community Manager for TechSoup Canada.


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