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The NGO AFT (women and IT) in partnership with NetSquared Burkina Faso has organized the annual seminar of NetSquared on the topic “Peace promotion through IT”.

35 persons have been invited from different offices:

·        Business men

·        Women NGO

·        Students

·        Girls

·        Governments personal

·        International NGO members


The ceremony was presided by the director of human resource of SOFNET Burkina Faso an important business company working in the IT sector.


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Netsquared Burkina Faso in collaboration with Femme et Tic and other local partners, will be building the capacities of youths, and opinion leaders to maximize the use of Web and Mobile technologies in promoting peace.

In a post-coup d’état context, we the youths of Burkina Faso will be joining our efforts in ICTs to promote national unity and stability.

The theme for the event is: Promoting peace through ICTs

This one day regional gathering is scheduled for Saturday the 24th of January 2015 in Ouagadou from 9am to 3pm.

Net2 Camp Burkina Faso Report

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On Saturday 11 January at Pacifique hotel we have officially launched NetSquared Burkina Faso.
The ceremony sees the participation of many actors of civil society, pressman, teachers, and government members.


I started the opening ceremony by informing people present that we are gathered to launch the NetSquared Network in Burkina Faso.3 speeches have been read:

Net2 Camp Burkina Faso

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Net2 Camp Burkina Faso

From the 11th to the 12th of January 2013, Net2 Camp Burkina Faso will bring together a diverse group of Burkina Faso NGOs, foundations, techies; for a special training on Web 2.0 tools addressing challenges in education, communication, etc.

The theme of the event is: WEB2.0 FOR INNOVATIVE COLLABORATION

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