2017's Top Event Topics for NetSquared Groups

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The secret to growing a NetSquared group is scheduling regular meetings and always having several upcoming events posted publicly. That's why I recommend that you post your upcoming events as soon as possible, even if you don't have all the details yet. All you need to post an event is the title, date/time, and location. You can add the presenter, agenda and other information later.

If you're not sure what topics to choose I recommend that you use our popular event recipes or draw inspiration from the events planned by other NetSquared organizers.

Top 10 Technology Challenges for NetSquared Members

Top 10 Tech Challenges

We also survey the NetSquared community every year to identify their technology challenges. Here are the top 10 most requested topics:

  1. Website building and design
  2. Managing data
  3. Fundraising
  4. Using social media
  5. Staff adoption of technology
  6. Maintaining technology
  7. Tech planning
  8. Training staff on technology
  9. Security
  10. Creating apps and other tech

I would love to see your group flourishing, and the NetSquared community is here to support you. You can email me, schedule me for a chat, or ask your fellow organizers for tips in our Facebook or Slack groups.