2015 Matching Gift Ideas for Nonprofit Organizations

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It's January, 2015 so that means it's time to ramp up your matching gift efforts for the new year. We want your organizations to be more successful with your matching gift efforts in 2015 than 2014 so we put together a list of strategies and ideas for nonprofits to promote matching gifts better than ever.

#1 – Familiarize Yourself With The Top Matching Gift Companies

With companies across the US, Canada, UK, and the world offering employee matching gift programs its impossible to memorize program specifics for every company.

Even so, it’s important to be familiar with the different elements of matching gift programs so at least when you speak with donors during 2015 you can touch on how a few different matching gift programs are run.

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#2 – Use Social Media

If your organization isn’t on social media yet, make 2015 the year where you get actively involved in a few social networks. If you’re already engaging with donors, volunteers, and supporters, make sure you’re promoting employee matching gifts and volunteer grants.

With a little strategic planning you can come up with an easy plan to effectively communicate the benefits of matching gifts to your donors.

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#3 – Engage and Network with Matching Gift Professionals:

Let’s face it – No matter whether you’re a newcomer to the matching gift world or have years of experience promoting and raising money from employee matching gifts, we all still have a lot to learn.

Double the Donation’s team recently creating a LinkedIn group to help connect fundraising professionals who are involved in the matching gift process with each other. It’s an opportunity to ask questions from colleagues who have similar matching gift goals.

If you’re on LinkedIn you should take a minute to join our matching gift group.


#4 – Incorporate Matching Gifts into Your Broader Fundraising Strategy:

Here are five locations you should consider modifying in 2015:

  • A dedicated matching gift page on your website
  • In emails and newsletters
  • In acknowledgment letters
  • Internally with your nonprofit colleagues
  • In the donation process

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#5 – Walk Through Our Free Matching Gift Roadmap Powerpoint with Colleagues

Looking to develop a matching gift roadmap for your organization? Download our roadmap template which helps you evaluate:

  1. Where you’re currently at
  2. What you should be focusing on in 2015
  3. The keys to achieving matching gift success in 2015
  4. Even if you aren’t ready to subscribe to Double the Donation’s service, this free document makes it easy to move down the path to matching gift success.

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