2010 Year in Review: Community Highlights

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As the year comes to a close, we're reminded to reflect back on some of the highlights from the last 12 months. This is the last in our series of year in review posts I've been sharing to highlight some of the exciting moments for NetSquared and our global community in 2010. 

The NetSquared Community is a global network of people who connect both on- and offline to talk, learn, and share their experiences with using technology for social impact. In this post, I'll share some information about the current state of our global community - and some of the great things that happened in 2010!

NetSquared Local 

NetSquared Local groups are monthly events that take place in cities around the world. These events serve as a great opportunity to convene local communities to share ideas, learn from each other, and even collaborate on projects for real world impact.

We now have groups running in 25 Countries around the world. Here are the cities that got started in 2010:

Are you interested in joining or starting a group in your city? See the full map of Local events to learn more and get involved!

NetSquared Camps  

This summer we held our first round of NetSquared Camps. The pilot program was introduced to help provide a local entry-point for entrepreneurial nonprofits/NGOs, developers and designers to demonstrate projects, build stuff together and forge meaningful collaborations. NetSquared Camps pilot events were organized by Local community organizers and took place in 6 cities around the world.

FACT Challenge 

NetSquared's most recent innovation competition, the FACT Social Justice Challenge, surfaced 90 Projects that leverage web technologies that foster collaboration around social justice issues. After a community-wide vote and a panel of expert judges, 5 Winners were selected to receive cash awards to advance their work.


Community Organizers Handbook 

Over the last few years, the NetSquared Local network has grown from just a few groups in only a couple countries, to 79 groups in 25 countries! Those Local groups are organized by volunteers passionate about building community at the intersection of technology and social change. We support organizers with resources, assistance, and other connections, but we believe the most valuable resource comes from organizers having access to each other and sharing between themselves.  We also recognize that we aren't the only ones working in this space and the more knowledge we can share, with more changemakers and organizers, the more we can all be even better. So, it's was with great excitement that we announced the Community Organizers Handbook!

Top 5 Posts from NetSquared Community Members:

Thanks to everyone who took efforts this year to use web and mobile technology to create social change in communities around the world!