The 100 Day Challenge, Day 10: NetSquared Vision

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In her post last week, Laney Strange introduced the NetSquared 100 Day Challenge -- a set of six commitments we’ve made to our Global Leadership Council (GLC) and the NetSquared community that will move our work forward in a big way. Today on day 10, I’m pleased to report significant progress on Challenge #1: NetSquared Vision.

The NetSquared Vision: Clarity and Purpose

The goal of challenge #1 is, quite simply, to clarify the vision of NetSquared. Our recent listening activities and discussions with GLC members surfaced the difficulties that many organizers face in explaining the work of NetSquared to their colleagues and prospective constituents. In the words of one of our GLC members, “people just don’t get it.”

In response, we’ve challenged ourselves to construct a clear and compelling vision statement that Net2 Local organizers can use to recruit and engage their members and partners. Our team Director and TechSoup Global Vice President, Billy Bicket, took the first step by drafting the following statement. Please take a look and let us know what you think.

Our vision for NetSquared is to make it easy, meaningful, and fun for people and organizations to get the information, visibility and support they need to accelerate the impact of social-benefit projects.

Here's what we do to bring the vision to life:

+ Showcasing social-benefit work through Net2 Media.

We surface and organize the work happening at the intersection of technology and social change through media channels including the NetSquared community blog, the new Net2 project galleries, as well as social media platforms like twitter, facebook, linkedin.

+ Supporting local communities. NetSquared Meetups:

We facilitate the work of 50+ local organizers around the world by helping them convene face-to-face monthly events. We help local leaders grow and strengthen their local groups by making community connections to the NetSquared community of practice, funding resources, technical volunteers and the materials they need to make delivering NetSquared Local programming easy and fun.

+ Harnessing Open Innovation.

Over the last five years, NetSquared has distributed >$500k in cash-prizes via our open grant-making process to more than 100 NetSquared Featured Projects. Today, community actors have published over 1,000 social-change projects in NetSquared's Global Project Gallery. Read more about some of the projects here.

+ Unleashing Human Capital.

We connect the business and technical expertise of our corporate volunteer networks with people seeking out new tools, strategies and tactics to accelerate the work of their local projects. Learn more about this emerging program here.

II. Here's What We Do To Encourage Sharing, Connections & Collaborations:


  • We encourage people to share what they are working on via dailybits (# of dailybits)
  • We encourage people to participate at face-to-face events (# of events + # of participants + event ratings + organizer ratings)
  • We encourage people to share what they are working on via publishing their projects to our platform (# of shared items)


  • We make it easy and fun to connect with one another via introductions and the new Net2 platform (# of connections)
  • We introduce featured projects to funders interested in learning about innovative ideas bubbling up in the field (# of connections to resources)
  • We connect featured projects to mentors interested in contributing their business and technical expertise to projects they care about (# of connections to human capital)
  • We encourage people to refer their friends and favorites to tell us what they're working on and to submit project ideas (# of referrals)


  • We work with other networks to highlight the work of people working at the intersection of tech and civil society (# of x-network referrals)
  • We work with CSR groups interested in extending the reach and impact of their CSR programs (# of CSR Partner Connections)
  • We work with government agencies to organize face-to-face events that bring together technologists and social-benefit sector actors (# of multi-stakeholder partnerships)

III. Reporting. Here’s How Content & Community Teams @ CDI Will Be Expected To Measure The Impact Of Their Work Day-to-Day:

  • # of projects submitted from the TSG communities I serve every month
  • # of connections made in the communities I serve every month
  • # of hours + cash + products unleashed towards the communities I serve every month
  • # of dailybits published from the communities I serve every monthSo What Do You Think?

So What Do You Think?

Is this vision statement clear? Is it compelling? What might help us clarify the vision based on what you know about NetSquared? Please share your comments below and @MarcManashil.

Based on your comments and those received from the Global Leadership Council, we’ll produce a final version to be included on our website and all major NetSquared communications materials. And we’ll keep you posted every step of the way.