10 Ways Nonprofits Can Succeed with Visual Marketing

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To succeed in marketing your nonprofit has to compete in several different spaces, mostly online.

You must have a great-looking online presence, whether that be a website, or a blog, or social media channels, or all of the above.

If you do not have a lot of website traffic, blog readers or social media engagement, I’m willing to bet that lousy visuals play a huge part.

Think about how you consume media – on your phone, in short spurts, likely while doing several other things. Your fans, your supporters and your donors are all busy people. They want to be able to make a split-second decision upon visiting your website or your social media channels.

Yes, people judge books by their covers, no surprise there. They are also judging you by your horribly outdated website, terribly formatted blog, crowded email newsletter and bland Facebook Page.

Here are just 10 ways your nonprofit can succeed with visual marketing.