10, 9, 8, 7, 7, 7, 7 - Waiting for Re-launch

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Recently I wrote this blog about relaunching the Melbourne NetSquared group.  It has been inactive for a couple of years.

I tweeted, facebooked and emailed the over 500 members.  A few new people signed up and I eargerly watched the RSVPs feeling sure that I'd get at least 20 interested people.

As it happens, I managed 6 RSVPs and one of them was me.  Regardless, I thought, I'd push on and make a start.

I put together the presentation, and arrived early at the meetup site, I wanted to make sure all the technology was working, that I could hear the audio on the YouTube videos I'd selected and that my Ubuntu Laptop would actually work with the screen.

The start time rolled around, and twenty minutes later noone had arrived.  It was me, my son who I dragged along to help make up the numbers, and Marcus from InfoXChange, from the office space we are using.

So, a little disappointing.  Ok, a bit more than a little.  

Time to review what went wrong.  Time to try a new strategy, what will get people there?  Do I need some beer and pizza?  Some big name speaker?  A different time?

I've got another Meetup in a month, so I'll give it another go, redouble my efforts and try again.

The presentation was on social media tools, Have a look at the slides and I've included my notes.