Girls of Different abilities (disabilities) in ICT

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Girls of Different Abilities in ICTs is a project that will focus on ICT4D (ICTs for development) to empower girls that society labels as disabled which increases marginalization. But as M4C our project will help these girls in ICT training i.e. programming, computer hardware repairs, computer networking and many other ICT careers. Why we say “Different abilities” we believe their inability to walk, talk or see does not make them unable to do many other things like ICTS.

NetSquared Activity Report: Record Number Events in March 2016

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We’re three quarters of the way through TechSoup’s fiscal year. Whooo!

I’ve compiled the stats for NetSquared for March and for the first three months of 2016.

You’ll see growth has been very strong, which can largely be attributed to the amazing energy of our organizer community and the investments we’ve made into the Regional Ambassadors who offer in-person training events and online support to local NetSquared organizers. The expansion of NetSquared’s reach means we’re helping more nonprofits use technology to make more good in the world!


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