[Net2 DC] Mobile & Nonprofits: Best Practices, Lessons Learned

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How are organizations leveraging mobile for communications, outreach and more? What are the best practices for creating mobile responsive websites? When does it make sense for organizations to create a mobile app? When should organizations design a mobile site on the side if they don't have money for a full redesign?

NetSquared DC invited several local experts to participate in its recent panel. Here are their slides!

Assertively incentivize

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TCE stands for Total Control of the Epidemic. It is a project created by Humana People to People in the beginning of the year 2000, in Zimbabwe. It is based on the idea that only the people can liberate themselves from HIV/AIDS. In order to accomplish this goal every single person has to be reached with information, education, counseling and mobilization to take control of HIV/AIDS in his or her life. Basically it builds upon a group of 50 Field Officers employed in each TCE area for the three years it takes to liberate an area of 100.000 people, under an experienced TCE leadership.



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Problématiques sur la négociation de projets informatiques.

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La communauté Netsquared à Dakar organise un séminaire régional d'une journée qui se tiendra le 19 Mai 2015 au C.T.I (centre de technologie et d’ingénierie)Elle est située à la rue  5xBlaise Diagne médina en face stade Iba-Mar DIOP.

 L’atelier a pour but d’éduquer, de former, d’informer et de sensibiliser les professionnels de l’informatique sur l'impact des enjeux des métiers liés à l’informatique en général et la plate-forme Netsquared en particulier.


LE THEME DE CET EVENEMENT: Problématiquessur la négociation de projets informatiques



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