Are Online Social Networks Just A Fad?

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Asks Andy Carvin in entry that response to C|NET News article debating whethe ror not online social networks are just a trendy trend or here to stay.   In contrast to the C|NET article that looks at it from the business perspective and suggests that the jury is still out, Andy reviews the history of online community building, from the earliest bulletin board systems to community networks to online social networks. 

Center for International Media Action seeking your input

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This is an invitation I received from the Center for International Media Action (CIMA).  Can't think of a better group to share this with, especially as CIMA is seeking input from media activists all over the world.  Please check it out!
Dear Friends and Allies-
For several years media activists have been discussing the need for ongoing opportunities for skill-building, collective learning, and long-range visioning and reflection. One strategy to meet these needs is a new The Organizing Institute is envisioned as an initiative to build political organizing and advocacy skills and strategies to transform media and communications systems to serve democracy, human rights and social justice.

The Organizing Institute will be shaped by and for media activists and advocates. With this in mind, we invite you to take an designed for members of the planning committee and any activists, organizers, advocates working on media and communications issues who might be interested in the Organizing Institute. The purpose of the survey is to gather input on the kinds of resources and training offered through the Institute and to develop program components that are uniquely tailored to different groups working on these issues. Please send the survey to anyone you think might be interested.

The survey will take about 30-40 minutes to complete, and you can save it on any page and return to it as long as you are accessing the survey from the same computer. To exit and return to the survey at a later time, be sure to first save your responses by clicking "Next" at the bottom of the page, and then click “Exit” at the top right hand corner of the screen. To read more about the survey or take the survey, pleaseor paste this link into your browser -


ICT for global justice: an interview with Anna Feldman of the APC

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Anna Feldman is the Strategic Use Programme Project Developer, at the (APC). The APC is an international association with a virtual office. Anna is currently working on web conceptualization and planning for in the UK, a progressive ISP and founding organization of the APC.

Anna and I talked about the work of the APC at the NetSquared conference.

Netsquared Profile: Brahm Ahmadi

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, Executive Director of the , talks about his organization's mission of creating self-reliant, socially just and sustainable food systems in West Oakland. Brahm speaks of the online social tools he using to get the word out beyond West Oakland.

This video is part of NetSquared's video profile series. You can subscribe to with your favorite video catcher, such as , or .

Social Justice Web Service

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An announcement was posted on the yesterday about an Internet provider called .  Here's their mission from the web site:

We are an organization of progressive people who use the Internet. We have joined together to improve our access to it, enhance its function as a tool for mass communication and organizing, develop new technologies and uses for it, and help social justice movements use it effectively to communicate with each other and with the world.

They also have some interesting news on their front page about a program in Venezuela to train and the   happening at UMass Boston this Saturday.

Tools for Change - Accessibility

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We promised to post the resources that we explored together on Day 2 of the NetSquared conference.  Thanks to all of you who stopped by to share your questions and thoughts about disability access to new tools!  Sorry that it has taken so long, but here is the overview with more detail available as needed.  And please keep in mind as you work through these issues what Angela Glover Blackwell said on Day 1:  As we provide access and solve problems for the most vulnerable among us we will solve unanaticipated problems for all.

Here are general resources about the issues and challenges:

Sequoia Hospital Gives Patients Blogs on

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The San Francisco Chronicle had an interesting article today entitled,   According to the article, six months ago the in Redwood City, CA was the first Bay Area hospital to offer its patients accounts on . The hospital is also getting Wi-Fi for the lobby, and buying computers that patients can use.


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