Net2 Conference Podcast Update

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Wanted to give you all the Net2 Conference podcast update. We have the audio files.  We have the , but the recordings of the sessions are GI-NORMOUS, and after many tries, we're not able to upload them.  So, we're either going to see if Odeo has any other uploading options for us, or we'll have to break the recordings up to post them.

If there is anyone in the Bay Area who has time to edit the recordings into smaller pieces, and upload them to Odeo, please let me know; otherwise, it might be a while . . .

Social Marketing University

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Social Marketing University
September 18 - 19, 2006
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
UCLA Conference Center
University of California, Los Angeles
Westwood, California

Presented by

How do you help people adopt behaviors that will make them healthier and happier? How can you create positive social change?

At Social Marketing University, you will move beyond the usual educational approach to changing health and social behaviors. Using social marketing, you will learn how to persuade individuals to take action for change by addressing the values, needs and desires that motivate them. It's about understanding and connecting with your audience by applying the same effective marketing tools that companies like Nike and Apple use.

Native American youth and the web: an interview with Shannon Lenz-Wall

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Shannon Lenz-Wall is a web designer based in Montana who made it out to San Jose for the NetSquared conference. She runs a web design service called and volunteers with , a nonprofit organization that does capacity building with Native American communities throughout the Northern Rockies and Great Plains.

Shannon talked to me at the conference about web use and Native American youth.

Creative Common Salon: Content Distribution for Nonprofits - Jun 14, 6-9pm

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Okay, so the headline of this post isn't entirely accurate. The next Creative Commons Salon isn't going to be all about content distribution for nonprofits -- that's just a five minute talk I'm going to be giving (from the perspective of TechSoup's experiences adopting a Creative Commons licensing policy.) The rest of it will be about all sorts of other cool stuff, so you should show up. Here's the deal:

Wednesday, June 14 in San Francisco: CC Salon

It's time for another in San Francisco. Please join us on Wednesday, June 14, from 6-9pm at , ( between 9th and 10th Streets). Note: Since Shine is a bar, this month's Salon is only open to people who are 21 and older.

More Appetizers!

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So it’s been a week since the Net Squared Conference.  I’ve had some time to catch up on my myriad emails and other assorted office things that piled up in my absence, and I’d like to offer up some of my impressions.

For the past few months, I’ve been avidly squeezing all that I could from Net Squared.  I’m a pretty stereotypical accidental techie here at , and I have been relying on the Net2 community to point me in the right direction for understanding Web 2.0 tools and technologies.  Even though I watch the videos and keep the Net2Learn sections as handy references, I seem to get the most out of the personal connections I’ve made. 

Many groups need more media and member savvy before net2/ web 2.0 can be relevant

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To take advantage of the oppportunities that blogs and socialnetworking offer, many nonprofits have to reach the point where they have broader definitions of constiutents, participants, members, the media, and donors, and a broader definition of participation. I'm not sure what percent of service-providing nonprofits perceive any incentive in increasing their investment in these areas, as the case for return on their investment isn't a clear one.

 What bridging examples are there of organizations that moved from being net2/ socialnetworking/blog/ and wiki ignorant to successfully embracing these and seeing powerful results? Cases of custom webapps and mashups are the ones that come first to my mind.

promoting a field of tech for civic good rather than single projects

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Seeing the video inderview on Democracy Now that discussed  OhMyNews, GlobalVoices,  and a project working with kids in South America  made  a fundamental new impression on me: this was the first time I'd seen a group of projects from our field presented together in the media rather than as  separate projects ( See the video at: ). 

I think this could well be key to our gaining greater media attention, relevance, and traction as a field of people applying technologies for the greater good. This is part of what I've always thought N-TEN could help achieve, and I'm glad the netsquared has helped fostered this kind of media attention. These kinds of stage-sharing interviews and media events amplify the messages of each participant by allowing them to occupy a larger stage. I'm very curious how collaboration affects media voice and power -- are there cases (in subsectors like environmentalism for example) where a group of orgs  has more media power than single projects with their own media initiatives? My gut hunch is that all our projects are served by the successes of our peers. 

Regional Fundraising Event in SF on 7/30 Includes 2 Tech Sessions

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The (of which I'm a Board Member) is presenting a terrific morning program on Friday, June 30 in San Francisco, which includes two sessions specifically focused on technology and fundraising.

  • will be presenting on "10 Common Mistakes When Selecting Software and How to Avoid Them."
  • of Donordigital will present on "Raising Money With E-Mail."

I hope you can join us. Registration costs are $50 for AFP members and $90 for nonmembers. .


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