Swimming with Salmon Fishies in the NpTech Tag Stream

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Fishing through this week's 150 plus items and I caught some broad themes in my net,  including change, social change and social networking changing nonprofits.  There's also a few links about online advocacy, salmon, green computers, and open-source tools as well as a fabulous set of flickr photos documenting a nonprofit technology project.


Change, Change, Change ...

E-collaboration & Mindmapping

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Interested in e-collaboration? Joitske Hulsebosch, author of the blog, , wrote and I to tell us about a new blog she is a part of called .  Joitske is co-facilitating an e-collaboration group of  Dutch NGOs  that  decided to launch a blog last month to complement their online space and f2f meetings.   The purpose of the blog is to share personal stories about working over the Internet.

Will Social Networking Change Nonprofit Membership? What do you think?

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My colleague, ,  let me know about a new for a London meeting about social networking and nonprofits taking place tommorrow (October 5th)   The goal is to demonstrate some of the social networking tools available through a Drupal-based multi-user blogging system.  (Here's a few other examples - and

He has invited us to share some thoughts about nonprofits and social networking tools.  

Blogging for Chickens: Using Your Blog to Raise Money for a Good Cause

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Darren Rowse by raising $1100 (AU), or about $830 US, to buy 110 pairs of chickens for impoverished families via . He put a percentage of his weekly blogging income into buying chickens and invited his readers to contribute as well. Readers could give in one of two ways: donate to Oxfam Australia directly, and send Darren an e-card during the purchasing process to let him know how many chickens they had purchased, or send him a donation via PayPal with a note saying that it was for the "chickens project."

NetSquared Related Content in Nonprofit Blogosphere Roundup #2

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I just posted another roundup of Nonprofit Blogs on my . Here are some of the blogs I mentioned that have content related to NetSquared:

Are you looking for ideas on how to improve your organization's profile on MySpace? Mara of wrote an article about .

Interested in learning how nonprofits, advocacy groups, or politicians can use websites like MySpace or YouTube? Bonnie of brings up some good points about this topic in her article titled .

Credit Unions are also using MySpace. There is a great discussion about this topic at .

Ben's introduction

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I'm an e-democracy consultant for UK-based company .

We've been working with government organisations over here for a while now, helping them to use the internet to better perform their public duties and to increase public interaction with decision-making.  We're now seeing an increasing need and opportunity for similar online engagement and personal interaction in the not-for-profit sector.

Part of my job is to work with not-for-profits, helping them to unlock their social capital, improve their communications and organisation with online tools.  I'm interested to see what other people are doing in this regard, what the trends, expectations and benefits are, what's new to web 2.0 and what's new to people trying to use these tools to good effect in the not-for-profit sector.  I don't like change for change's sake and think it's important that the emphasis always remains on usability, usefulness and benefit.

Net Tuesday Time Again

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It's Net Tuesday time again y'all with NetSquared Meetups in San Francisco and Houston on Tuesday, October 10th, and in Washington DC on Tuesday, October 17th. Check out the details below, or go to the NetSquared Meetup group at for more details, to RVSP, or to start a Net Tuesday in your town.

Come learn how your nonprofit or NGO can use digital storytelling or vlogging!

Tuesday, October 10th
6-8 PM

801 Minnesota St at 20th St. #08
San Francisco, CA 94107

Online Storytelling & Cause Marketing: An Interview with Jonah Sachs of Free Range Studios

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Hello Net2 blog readers!

I'm back from my 2-week trip to Peru which was awesome.

Before I left, I did an interview for my with Jonah Sachs, the Principal of , an advertising and marketing firm with offices in Washington DC and Berkeley, California that specializes in non-profits and socially responsible businesses. They created the award-winning film, about factory farming, and the hilarious film, about the importance of organic farming.

60 Seconds of Light Project: Attempting to Create an Internet-wide 9/11 Video Memorial

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We just launched our first campaign, 60 Seconds of Light-- an attempt to create an internet-wide video memorial for 9/11 next year.  Our hope is to get all vloggers and video content creators to take a break from their regularly scheduled content, and instead upload literally 60 seconds of light.  A candle burning.  A lighter lit.  A glowstick glowing.  Anything light filled that they feel honors the memory of those who were lost.

Although it is a year ahead,  we are hoping to get popular vloggers to sign-up now and place a graphical link on their site to promote the cause...and hopefully make this the largest memorial ever to commemorate September 11th.


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