Benetech Founder Jim Fruchterman Receives 2006 MacArthur Fellowship

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Jim Fruchterman, CEO of , has been awarded a from the .   Jim  Fruchterman, an electrical engineer turned social entrepreneur who adapts cutting-edge technology into affordable tools for the visually impaired and other underserved communities, will receive $500,000 in  "no strings attached" funding over the next five years.   

I have some exciting news

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My name is Beth Kanter and some of you may know me from my blog, . I'm going to be guest blogging on Netsquared for the next two weeks, filling in for .

I'm so excited that I made about it!

While I have lots of feeds, ideas, and sources, I'm really interested in hearing from you too! If you're working in the nonprofit space and using emerging technology tools like blogging, tagging, wikis, RSS, vlogging, podcasting, and other social media, please drop a comment in this post or send me an .

Tuesday at the Pub with NetSquared Houston

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I have only recently become aware of through their Meetup page. Last Tuesday I attended my second meeting with the NetSquared group. Ed Schipul asked me to share my thoughts here, based on a post I made on . You can read the longer, original post there.

The NetSquared Houston events are organized/hosted by . I'm still learning about what NetSquared really is all about. So far, it's made a much better impression upon me than Wikipedia. I've come to feel that NetSquared is about putting the influencing powers of Web mongers like me to work for the greater good -- online, offline, wherever.

SF Net Tuesday: Buzka, Meebo, Librarians & Museums

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We had a small but lively group last night at the San Francisco Net Tuesday. Raphe Patmore, CEO, and Jinnan Cai, Technical Director, from were there all the way from Perth, Australia. Buzka is "a simple way to share all your favorite web stuff" in what they call "spots." For example, Jinnan showed me the spot he created (screenshot above) to share links about refugee issues in Australia. The interface is easy to navigate, and you can view the links by title, description or thumbnails (they have a server creating screenshots of the pages).

Dan Bernstein of Business and Marketing from , "the web messenger that lets you access IM from absolutely anywhere," showed us how a fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Uppman, put the on her classroom so that students and their parents can IM her about homework and other stuff. Cute!!

Dan also told us about a couple cool librarian sites: the and , which promotes instant messaging in libraries.

Finally, Craig Rosa told us about a discussion happening this week on the about social technologies. He said that one thread of the discussion was about how has become a money-saving tool for museums looking for images.

Using Art, Media and Technology to Promote International Development

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The featured articles in the August 28th issue of , a publication of , are about using art, media and technology to promote international development. Their online is full of links to related books, web sites, reports and articles about blogging, podcasting, RSS feeds, tagging, mobile advocacy and wikis (including some links to NetSquared and Tech Soup!). You can download the whole issue by clicking .

A 2.0 innovation-gap, or 1.0 senility

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A recent article on the Financial Times about got me thinking about how the challenge is part of a wider picture in 2.0.

In a nutshell there seems to be a gap between 2.0 "real-time" and the sources of information that are meant to provide relevant players with the needed information and insights, if these are delayed then ultimately so is the development of skills and experience. I have been tracking data for a while, and noticed a widening gap as the information deepens. I believe the trend is integral to the very nature of the source and "information providers":


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