Tech Reach International: Disaster & Emergency Response Technology Fair

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While I was at the on Saturday, I picked up a flier for an interesting looking event, Silicon Valley "Simulation Day", a disaster and emergency response technology fair.

The event will be on Tuesday, September 19th from 12:30-6:30 PM at Intuit Corporate Headquarters (2345 Garcia Rd, Building #5) in Mountain View, CA.  Admission is free.

Aid Workers Network

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The is a UK-based nonprofit created in 2002 by a group of aid workers. According to the FAQ page on the site, over 12,000 aid workers are registered members of the community.

The site includes a that pulls from aid workers' and aid organizations' blogs, including a great looking blog called, .  One of's posts pointed me to the UN's Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affair's .  OCHA also has for Pakistan, Niger, Sri Lanka, Sumatra, Darfur and Liberia.

wrote up about their work on the Network that says that it is a "-powered site" that is "powered by ." They also designed the logo.

Prize Finalists Selected - Products Open for Public Comment

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The Pizzigati Prize for Software in the Public Interest has selected six exciting dewelopers and products that are being considered as finalists for its inaugural prize.  The final prize recommendation will be made by an advisory panel but we would also like to hear from you.  We would like to invite you to share your impressions of the products, their usability, elegance and relevance.  The finalist developers and products are:

  • George Hotelling, Citizen Speak
  • Donald Lobo, CiviCRM
  • Jamie McClelland, Basebuilder
  • Ethan McCutchen, WagN
  • Zack Rosen, Civic Space
  • Kevin Smith, The Martus Project

If you are familiar with these products or would like to take some time and explore them a bit and share your insights with the Prize Advisory Panel, we welcome your feedback.  This is the first year of the Pizzigati Prize and we need your guidance as we select a prize recipient who has created an elegant and usable tool, had a practical impact on the effectiveness and capacity of nonprofit organizations, and also has promoted an ethic of collaboration and sharing.  You can find more about the Prize and the finalist products, and share your thoughts at

Bianca Jagger @ Lebanon Protest in London

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On Saturday, August 5, 2006, over 100,000 people took to the streets of central London to demand an immediate and unconditional ceasefire in Lebanon. The largest emergency demonstration in British history was organized by the Stop the War Coalition and led by renowned peace advocate Bianca Jagger, who had invited dropping knowledge to join her on the march.

Net2 in Peru

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I'm going to have an opportunity to go to Peru this fall (wahoo!) so I thought I'd do some research on how Peruvian related NGOs and nonprofits are using the social web.

Any search for international voices has to start with so I read through the most recent posts from and about Peruvian bloggers and found an intriguing (!) and a report that at the end of June, .   is hosted by .

Christian Aid Podcast

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Steven Buckley of , "an agency of the churches in the UK and Ireland," emailed me to let me know that they have launched a .  I listened to part of a program, , which was a little long, but still interesting. I had never thought about how important it would be to understand the ins and outs of vaudou (voodoo) in order to do HIV prevention work in Haiti.  Nancy White recently an interesting email that Steven sent to the the mailing list about how Christian Aid developed their podcast, which is worth a read.  According to the email, Christian Aid supporters now send emails asking if Christian Aid events will be recorded for the podcast.


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