Dutch development organizations introduce e-tools through enthusiast initiators

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At the Dutch e-collaboration blog, Maaike van Steenhoven has posted the conclusions of her interviews with about 15 development organizations about the introduction of new tools for e-collaboration:

She describes the overall phase Dutch NGOs are in, concerning the implementation of e-collaboration in their work and how they became enthusiastic.  Then she describes the implementation stage of the various new tools that were introduced (ranging from moodle to social bookmarking). How did people start looking for the right tool, how did they approach and convince others and how are they planning for the future? She also presents an overview of the benefits e-collaboration brought to the people who are experimenting with it and the difficulties they encountered in the broadest way.

Creative Commons Uses Revver to Fundraise

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When you click on the advertisement for at the end of the video, Creative Commons receives 100% of the ad's revenue. 

The video is hosted by , a video-sharing platform that uses Creative Commons licenses to help creators make money from their work. Revver attaches an ad at the end of each video on its network. When a viewer clicks on the ad, Revver splits the ad revenue with the video's creator. Usually, it is a 50/50 split, but Revver is giving Creative Commons 100% of the money for their videos till December 31, 2006.

Veek the Vote

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Going a step beyond voting, people are using their video cameras and even cell phones to document voter intimidation, long lines, voter equipment problems, and to keep tabs of what's going on during the election.  

was inspired by American Blackout, a movie about voter suppression, and encourages citizens to film the vote.  Going one step further in futuristic media coverage, YouthNoise and Veeker are presenting . A Veek is apparently a video taken with a cell phones (a video peek) and people are encouraged to take video peeks at their local elections and upload them.  People can then not only view streaming videos from people's cell phones, but can embed the veek the vote player on their site.  Actually, I'm going to do that right now.  Let's seek how it goes.

Guess What? We Won a Vloggie.

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Yay! The won a Vloggie for

The kudos need to go mostly to who shot and edited each piece.  If you haven't had a chance to check out Eddie's video interviews for NetSquared with web innovators and nonprofit workers who are using the social web for social change, click away below. (Note: some people no longer work at the companies they were representing).

The 4-Fold Attack: Google Earth+ YouTube + Online Pledges + Willie Nelson

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Did you know that more than 450 mountains have been destroyed, and over 1,000 miles of streams have been buried by mountaintop removal coal mining?

, , , , , , and Southern Appalachian Mountain Stewards have created the campaign to stop  mountaintop removal.

Supporters can:

1. Sign a , track the impact of their pledge on a map, and possibly be listed as one of the campaign's Most Active Participants (people who have passed the email on to the greatest number of friends).

2. Download Wille Nelson singing Bob Dylan's

3. Watch a movie about mountaintop removal on .

4. View the on Google Earth.  Each flag represents a mountain that has been destroyed.

They definitely have a great .  Check out all the they've gotten.

You've been promoted to "Buzz Director" (what do you do now?)

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It's a particular crusade of mine to encourage not-for-profits to identify an internal champion (or recruit a virtual volunteer) to take on this role. Call it what you will, and David Wilcox and Beth Kanter, have both had a go at (re)inventing . I like Beth Kanter's "Social Media Coach". But how about "Cause Evangelist"? Anyway, you get the idea.

Interest in social media among not-for-profits right now is high. A good many are researching good practice and developing their strategies for participating in and monitoring social networks and the blogosphere.

With this in mind, I thought I’d have


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