The butterfly effects of Beth Kanter -- A Late & Grateful Birthday Wish

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Dear Beth,

You've impacted my work -- and the world -- in so many incredible ways.

I still remember your first comment on my , which pushed me to keep thinking about ways to evolve the social media landscape for change, and start acting to make those changes happen. It's hard to believe that was just shy of two years ago.

"Just read your analysis and discovered your blog! Hope you'll post more often to this blog because you have some good insights!"

Since leaving that comment, a lot has happened - and yet I remember how your early words of support gave me the confidence to move forward in the new world of networked social change. Whenever I work on collaborative projects (from , to , to ) and we dream of a new way to leverage the web to connect communities for change, I reflect back on how you had a hand in that impact. In a profoundly connected sense, you've enabled , , and you've .

And you've given me the greatest gift of all -- a more fulfilled, inspired, and hopefully inspiring life. This note may not seem enough cheesy 2.0 -- yet I hope it carries my great gratitude for your wired & world changing butterfly effects.

Many never-ending thanks - from me, .

Onwards & upwards from here,